Meet KJ's Barbers & Stylists

Meet KJ's Barbers & Stylists


Rev. Joseph Cannon

I am a servant of Jesus Christ and the President of CanRose Inc.,(DBA: KJ’s Barber & Hair Creationz). I was born and raised in Oakland Ca. where I received my education up until Jr. College. I then went to Menlo College in Atherton California where I received my B.S Degree in Business Management 2001. After completion I went to Moler Barber College in Oakland CA. to enhance a trade I picked up at the age of 15 years old. I graduated from Moler College in the year 2002 and became a licensed professional Barber shortly after. I have been cutting hair professionally now for 11 years throughout the Bay Area and down to the Central Valley. The Lord has bless me to be a barber at KJ’s Barber &Hair Creationz in the city of Tracy where I’m able to provide professional service to all in need. I specialize in all types of hair, styles, designs and more. As a barber I am one that pay close attention to detail and believe in giving the client what they want and not the look I think they should have. A couple of my strong points are consistency, and professionalism. I pride myself in making sure the customer leaves satisfied, looking and feeling better than how they looked or felt when they came.

Psalms 1:1-6

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Brownie Blendz

Brownie Blendz born in Houston Texas raised in Oakland Ca . Junior high school is where I became fascinated with Barbering , I continued to cut hair all thru highschool and in to early adulthood , but it wasn't until 2006 that I started to cut Hair professionally , then I realized this was gods purpose for my life.


My name is Aaron I have been cutting hair for over 5 years but professionally for 9 months. My goal is to provide great customer service while executing great hair cuts. My specialty is children, bald fades, and tapers amongst other cuts. Come sit in my chair for a great barbershop experience and hair cut.

Andrew Wills

My name is Drew. I'm a barber at KJ's Barbershop located in the city of Tracy. I've been practicing this art for about 7 years now, I take my job serious, and each haircut I do is a reflection on me, so I will guarantee you satisfaction.For pictures of my work check out my Instagram account @barberdrew11.

Garry H. Brown

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! My name is Garry H. Brown. I am a barber at KJ's Barber Shop in Tracy, CA. I studied barbering at the Stockton Barber College in Stockton, CA. from November 2011 to August 2012. I took and passed the Barber State Board Exam, August 13, 2012 and received my barber license certificate. I specialize in straight and curly hair cuts. These hair cuts include tappers, fades and scissor cuts. I am a perfectionist so I take the necessary time to complete the hair cut to your standards and likening. The satisfaction of my clients are of the utmost importance to me.

=Shepherd/Pastor G.H.Brown

LeShawn (aka Le'Ja's)

My name is LeShawn (aka Le'Ja's) and I have been a licensed barber for more than 10 yrs. I'm originally from the bay area but reside and work in Tracy. I love cutting hair. I take pride in my craft. I want you to look in the mirror and feel like a work of art. You can get a cut that'll satisfy you anywhere...but a great can give you confidence,style and set your whole outfit over the top. Come down to KJ'S in Tracy,ca....ask for LeShawn ...and get more than a haircut...get a touch -up on your personal style. I can service your hair needs from a bald head and shave to the most recent hip up to date edgy hairstyle you desire. You can also check out my personal website and social media pages at, (FACEBOOK LeShawn Jackson) (INSTAGRAM lejas platinumcuts)


My name is Perry I been a barber for a 10yrs. I specialize in all fades tapered cuts,razor lines,beard trims and outlining also military cuts.I work In the Tracy shop and the Newark shop. So if you looking for the best cut In town you know who to call.

Keeping Jesus

Phil Barbour

Hello my name is Phil Barbour and I work at KJ's Barber Shop in Tracy, CA. I have been a Licensed Cosmetologist with twenty three years of experience in cutting men and women's hair. Specializing in cutting all nationalities and ethnicities. No hair is to difficult. Hope to have you stop by.

Philip Grace

Hello everbody. I'm Philip Grace, a licensed barber at KJ's Barber Shop in Tracy, Ca. I've been cutting hair for 4 years. My specialties are bald fades, tapers, fo-hawks and mohawks. When I started at KJ's of Hayward, I quickly learned that my time and dedication helps & succeeds in keeping all clients pleased and satisfied when they leave the shop. No matter what kind of hair you have or your race, come to KJ's and ask for Phil Grace.

Phil Nelson

Hi, my name is Phil also known as P-Nel. I've been cutting hair for 15 years now, and I've been a member of KJ's for 4 years. I specialize in Fades, Mohawks, Tapers, Comb-overs, you name it. All ages and ethnicities welcome. I also cut hair for special events such as wedding parties, Bar Mitzvahs and any special occasion you may have. Come see me at KJ's!

Steve Stowe

My name is Steve Stowe aka Steviiestylz. I cut at the Tracy,Ca location. I have been a Barber for 7 years now, going on 3 years at KJs. I am an all around Barber, I can cut your hair into any style you would like. The best part about being a Barber is that cutting hair is an Art form. It's not perfect. But a Barber that takes pride in his craft will always do what it takes to get to the point where the client is happy and satisfied.


My name is Wallace Davis II. At the age of 13 I began cutting my family and friends hair. Soon after I became the neighborhood barber. After working 12 long years as a retail Store Manager I decided to narrow my focus on one thing I love to do. I have a true passion and respect for barbering and will for ever continue to perfect my craft. I am an apprentice here at KJ's and currently specializing in traditional haircuts, tapers, shadow fades, skin fades, and line-ups. KJ's is open 7 days a week, so come in today for a great haircut and an excellent barbershop experience! Instagram: @Cutting__Class



Specialize in Fades, Tapers, Combover, Designs, Mohawks and more...


Hello everyone, my name is Johnny Castro. Born and raised in San Jose, CA. I've been cutting hair on and off for 6 years now. I've been at KJ's Barber Shop for about 5 months and I love what I do. I specialize in all types of haircuts and I'm also great with kids. My goal is to provide great customer service and give a nice quality haircut every time someone sits in my chair. Stop by KJ's and visit me or my Barber brothers for the best Barber experience.


Jer-rod Jones

Hello I'm Jer-rod Jones also known as Rod. I'm the Owner of The KJ's location in Newark Ca. but I didn't start off as a owner. I started working with the KJ's family in June of 2003, in the start of my career as a barber I put in a lot of dedication and hard work. Due to that, in 2007 I was presented with a opportunity to buy out my good friend and fellow Moller Barber College Alumni Joseph Cannon. "Actually I was persistent in asking Him to sell me his part since he opened another KJ's in Hayward." Through the Grace of God he finally gave in and let me buy In. Now from Sept. Of 2007 to Sept. Of 2012 I have been a owner with Joe's business partner Kevin Rozier. In Sept. of 2012 I was blessed to buy Kevin Rozier out with the grace of God and the help of one of my good friends. Now I'm the head of all operations and I'm striving to keep the shop running in a positive Godly manner. My goal with KJ's is to make sure that everyone that comes in the door leaves satisfied, whether it's with a Good Haircut or a Positive Conversation...






Specialize in Fades, Tapers, Mohawks, Combovers, and More... Here at KJ's we pride ourselves in making sure clients leave satisfied.

Daniel Bowie

I am a proud native of Oakland since 1981. I was inspired to professionally pursue barbering in 2001, from which I obtained my license a year later. Expect a fine grooming experience!


I've been cutting hair serious for about 2 years but been cutting hair since I was little. Cutting hair is not a job but a passion, it's something I love doing. I couldn't think of a better career than being a barber. I specialize in tapers my blends is like your best smoothie on point blend lol. Look for me on Instagram.


Greeting's I'm Robert R. Master Barber at the KJ's location in Hayward, CA. I've been Barbering on a Professional Level for four year's now, I picked up my first set of clipper's in my early teen's doing the Backyard & Kitchen cut's on friend's & family; sharpening my skills alogn the way.


Hello, My name is Matthew Clay I've been cutting hair for 10 years but just decided to pursue it professionally a few year's ago and I haven't looked back since. I specialize in clipper cuts and Designs and I also do scissor cuts. Being a barber is more than cutting hair its an art form. Love what you do or find something else to do.


I am Lawrence J. Bains now at KJ's barbershop in Hayward, CA. I've been cutting hair on and off since 2004. I specialize in crisp lines, tapers and bald fades. I can do designs and parts but I only have a few that I have mastered. I am also a people person so expect a good cut and conversation when sitting in my chair.

Morgan (MD)

Been cutting hair since '06. I specialize in mohawks, afros, tapers, designs and razor lines.


Hello my name is Lanotchy. I been doing hair 20+ years. I have hair growing hands, my specialties are sew-ins, short cut weaves, quick weaves, and U-part wigs, lace closers and dreads. I'm located at KJ's Barbershop & Hair Creationz.


My name is Dneifa and I've been a license beautician since 2002. I moved from Fresno in 2007 and I've been styling hair in Hayward, CA specializing in natural hair care, healthy flowing hair, all forms of hair weaving, kids hair and more. I also specialize in satisfying my clients every hair need.


Licensed stylist for over 11 years cosmetology instructor for 2.5 years. I believe in continued education to stay fresh and current with new techniques. I have been trained and certified in advanced hair cutting with Nicholas Master cutting class, ABChair cutting at Vidal Sassoon academy and a host of other non certified classes. Specializing in healthy hair, thermal styling, braids, twisties, locs quick weaves and chemical augmentation.


MyTime Bio Been cutting hair for 10 years all about the etiquette skills and style of the cut . Believing Is not just seeing but producing a cut from a pathway of vision that begins when the barber first ask the client , what kind of cut.





Anthony “Ant Diddley” Nelson

My name is Anthony “Ant Diddley, A.Doulos” Nelson. I was born and raised in East Oakland. I started cutting hair at a very young age and was fascinated by how a fresh fade could change a person’s attitude and boost their confidence level. As time went on, I left the love of cutting hair and became intoxicated by the streets, worldliness and gangsta rap. I put down the clippers to pick up the mic. I also picked up some bad habits and an appetite for sex, drugs and violence. But glory be to my Master and my King Christ Jesus! He preserved me and redeemed me! He changed my attitude and boosted my confidence exceedingly abundantly above all that I could ask or think! I can now do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me! Now I do music for the Lord through my record label! I also picked up the clippers again! Not only that, I have been blessed to partner with CanRoz Inc. and am now the proud owner and operator of KJ’s Brentwood! I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store next! Come see me for a good cut and good conversation! God Bless!


Specialize in Fades, Tapers, Mohawks, Combovers, and More...


Hi I'm Tee Gardner The Master Barber, I've been cutting hair since I was in Jr. High School, and I learned at an young age from my cousin who is a master barber in Columbia, MO. I've been cutting professionally for over 4yrs now. I love cutting hair and satisfying my clients! I specialize in customer service!!! I enjoy giving the client the hair grooming services exactly the way they want it! So come check me out at KJ's Brentwood!!


Divine Hair Designz


Specialize in relaxers, braids, dreads, color, weaves, and more...


Specialize in relaxers, braids, dreads, color, weaves, and more...


Specialize in Fades, Tapers, Mohawks, Combovers, and More...


Specialize in all grains of hairs. Specializing in fades,tapers, mohawks, combovers, designs, and more.


Hello world, I'm Ms. Renee, from the Peninsula and I've been in the Cosmetology world for over 27 years. My journey began right out of high school, as I am following in my father's footsteps, just going a little bit further. I specailize in all types of hair and, or ethnical backgrounds with relaxers, crazy color, design cut and blow dry's, weaves, waves, dreads, braids, fades and much much more. I take pride, along with being precise, in everything I do to maintain your total hair care look. I have traveled the east coast to west doing hair, including some celebrities as well as all over the Bay Area. As I've moved over to the east bay and embraced on a new venture, meeting all kinds of people. I love making you look good with the integrity to make you feel good about yourself. Please check out some of my designz on IG; @ms.renee_hairdesinz. God Bless


Jess is a Bay Area (Oakland, CA) native who has worked in the hair & beauty industry since 1998. From 2002 to 2016 she lived in Southern California and worked as a hair stylist during and after college. In January 2016, Jess relocated back to the Bayarea to start a new chapter in life. Jess is currently building her business again while working in San Leandro, California.

Jess - Specializing in healthy hair - San Leandro, CA


My name is Marquis (otherwise known as M.M.QuisTheBarber) and I've been cutting hair since 2008. I take great pride in my work ethic and the integrity of the profession. I'd like to say I'm Married 2 My Craft because I'm totally dedicated & devoted to my career.

IG: @MMQuisTheBarber

KJ's Stylez


Kimani "K-Stylz" is a Paul Mitchell The School trained stylist, specializing in dimensional hair color, short creative cuts, thermal straightening, extensions and hair styles. Kimani has been with KJ's Barber Shop & Beauty Salons for over 2 years and takes pride in making each client the best version of themselves.


Cilest Duckett, senior stylist, I have been a licensed hairstylist for 11 years, but I was born a stylist. It is in my DNA, my make up and it is my passion. I have always been intrigued by hair since I was a little girl. My start in the industry was at a multicultural salon , where I learned that hair is hair and that whomever sits in my chair I can service. That's what I learned working at High Fashion Studios where I received advanced education as well as the opportunity to be part of the creative team that styled the Golden State Warrior girls for three years and the Raiderettes. It was a way to broaden my horizons and gave me a taste of doing outside ventures but still staying true to my craft. I had the pleasure of being at the forefront of fashion and hair shows ,expanding my creative side. I have the ability to capture the beauty in anyone, if allowed. I believe in keeping the integrity of the hair above all else.


Hello everybody, my name is Paiton & I work at KJ Stylez the Salon. I've been doing hair pretty much all of my life and it's all I have ever dreamed of doing. I am a former prodigy of Kimani Q. better known as K Stylz and I specialize in braids and weaves of all types. I believe hair styles are a way to express who you are and I'm here to give people the confidence to do so with one hair style at a time...

Be Be

I am a licensed cosmetologist. Been doing hair for more than 20 years. I specialize in extentions, braids and hair straightening.

The art of hair is my passion and the things I love most is to dream and create. My number one goal is to maintain the integrity of your hair so that it doesn't compromise. When you seat on my seat, You are my guest and I treat you as such. I help my guest to achieve self confidence in their hair. I love what I do and am active in continuing education and staying current with the new trend.


Specialize in relaxers, braids, dreads, color, weaves, and more...


From eyelashes to weaves! My goal is to give you a look that fits your lifestyle, while maintaining healthy hair and eyelashes. Come have a seat in my chair and let me enhance your beauty and give your hair love, with quality products and tools.

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