About Canroz

CanRoz started December 2002 by a single phone call. Kevin Rozier and Joseph Cannon are business partners and have been together since first grade. During the many years of pursuing education they went separate ways while always staying in contact and keeping each other at heart. Kevin Rozier completed high school and Joseph Cannon completed college with receiving his BS degree in business management. It was not until Kevin Rozier called Joseph Cannon one day and said “man I’m tired of this same thing, we need to do something.” He started talking to Mr. Cannon about helping the community and doing some kind of business plan, but to his surprise Joseph had a business plan done and it was similar to what Mr. Rozier ideal was about. At that instance they put their heads together and started attending different seminars every weekend to get more of a education on starting their business. While setting in one of the seminars they had to come up with a business name. So why not use what they always had? Their last name Cannon and Rozier put together to form CanRoz, and the meaning of CanRoz is “The Ability To Rise.” The story of these two young men is amazing and shows that God do have a plan for each one of us and will use you if you let him. Kevin Rozier and Joseph Cannon was 22 years old when CanRoz started and has now been in business 6 years still striving being pregnant with success. Young and older people there is no reason you have to set back and let time pass you by, CanRoz is an example that each and every one of us have THE ABILITY TO RISE.

Who We Are?

CanRoz Inc., “The Ability To Rise” is a small corporation here to mentor and help our younger generation and also those that are lost. They’re a unique business that is concerned with the environment. The company started by the two African Americans, Kevin Rozier and Joseph Cannon is a motivational tool to put and keep each individual on track. Both young men were born and raised in Oakland California and have experience the hardship just as anyone else. The one had a single family home and the other had both parents, the two of them grew up in the hood, and even got lost in the hood, played sports, ran the streets, and etc... But it was not until they came to themselves that things started falling in line. CanRoz believes you can do anything you put your mind to, you just have to believe in you. You must come to yourself; deny self, and live for Christ. At that moment you will have life.

What We Do? And Why We Do IT?

CanRoz gives every young boy and girl hope for the future. They see the two young men doing what they do and it natural inspires them to want to do better with themselves. It’s all about keeping a positive attitude and keeping the faith in God. CanRoz have been going to different high schools, Churches, different radio stations, newspapers, and where ever needed to give wisdom to the ears that are open to hear. CanRoz goes about this in the form of motivational speaking. And it’s amazing that even before they open their mouths they’re already a motivation or inspiration to someone who see what they have accomplished at their age. CanRoz have been on numerous of interviews; either by radio, television, magazines, or the different newspapers. These interviews are just another form of advertisement to get these two young men heard and seen. What good is it to the community and the up coming generation if CanRoz just keep everything balled up inside. It’s not good at all. And that’s why CanRoz is in the community being that tea bag and changing environments and not letting the environment change them. Just as that tea bag when it gets under the degree of fire it absorbs the water and changes it, so does CanRoz. The reason CanRoz do it is not just because of family, but because of the world as Family. There is too much hurting and killing one another going on in the society today. If someone doesn’t start to do something then who will. So CanRoz is being that big brother to people that don’t have a brother, and that big sister, and that Mother or Father. They’re here to give chances to those who think they have no chance left. The main reason behind it all is God put it here for CanRoz to do.

Products And Services

CanRoz, Inc. have products that consist of motivational and spiritual poetry to put thought in an individual mind that they can overcome anything. Look how far African Americans have come, these two young men are doing things. CanRoz, Inc. Have products which consist of motivational and spiritual calendars that have scripture for each month, very nice women T-shirts, poetry cd, and also a dynamic book written by Joseph A. Cannon “Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams” Inspire Yourself By Gaining Wisdom. He wrote the book at an amazing age of 24 years old and is in the process of writing a second one. The motive for Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams is to explain how having dreams in life can enable one to succeed. Motivation, advice, and spirituality are keys in this book that will help the reader understand how each is a key factor in succeeding.

Our Goals/Benefits

CanRoz, Inc. Also have a non- profit organization called CanRoz Foundation. The foundation is giving scholarships to the youth that’s on their way to college. See scholarship for more info. The goals are to just keep pushing the products, getting seen and heard, speaking to the community, and staying positive with praising the Lord Psalms 1:1-5. The benefits you get from working with CanRoz, Inc. is that you’ll be part of a life changing company that is helping many people locally and in the future many people nation wide. CanRoz care for the people and just want to create other branches of the tree to continue to be fruitful and multiple. One percent of everyone else effort is better than one hundred percent of your own.

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