About KJ's

About KJ's Barbershop

KJ’s Barbershop is an offspring of CanRoz Inc. Which started August 1, 2003. The shop was known as Masterclippers for years until a husband and wife by the name Ken and Jaime Williams came around and purchased the shop the year of 2002. They named it KJ’s Barber & Hair Creationz. Mr. Joseph Cannon started working at Masterclippers August 1, 2002 and six months later the name of the shop changed to KJ’s Barber & Hair Creationz (Ken and Jaime). It was then that the power of God came over Joseph and gave him the vision of the shop soon to be his along with business partner Kevin Rozier. And by having the faith, six months later the vision came true. On August 1, 2003 the shop still had the name KJ’s but different owners Kevin Rozier and Joseph Cannon. KJ’s is centered around our foundation in the Lord, and stands for Keeping Jesus with the theme “We’ll keep you looking Good,” “New outside man;New Inner man.” It’s through our faith that God continues to move KJ’s towards greatness.

As of today there are three barbershop locations and one Hair Salon location, located in the Bay Area and through the Central Valley. The original location is still in Newark Ca., The second location opened 07/07/07 in the city of Hayward with the theme of “Mission by Grace” 22126 Mission Blvd., and our third location opened in the year 2009 with the theme “A New Beginning by Grace” 485 W. Grantline Rd. in the city of Tracy. And for our latest edition established this year 2013 in the city of Tracy located at 1906 W. Grantline Rd. is our Hair Salon “KJ’s Stylez,” with the theme "We have the stylez for you."

KJ’s not only is blessed with businesses but with great partners, Barbers, and Stylist. You can meet the staff at the tab above. There are now four partners and four total locations. The partners are Joseph Cannon, Lionel Harris, Jer-Rod Jones, and Khalid Jabbar.

Hayward ShopTracy ShopBrentwood ShopNewark ShopSan Leandro Salon

Our Foundation:

Living by faith and not by sight is the foundation and lending on CHRIST. There is not a day of business that goes by without opening the barbershop without morning prayer. Morning prayer is open to any and everyone that is there when the doors open at nine a.m. The wise man built his house upon a rock, well so did CanRoz Inc. / KJ’s Barber & Hair Creationz because the rock is Jesus Christ. To see where the shop started from and how business presently is, is just proof that where God leads he will provide.

KJ’s is ran by men of God and it’s no one but God directing their every move. KJ’s is a base where everyone can go and feel the love and the spirit in the air. It’s not your typical barbershop, but a home for some, a Church for others, and a place to gathers thoughts for most. There is no profanity or no Sagging allow inside the shop therefore the atmosphere is family friendly for all age groups and ethnicity. Between all the shops the barbershop consist of Thirty barbers, seven cosmetologist, and two braiders who all takes pride in their work. KJ’s is a blessing to lots of people that benefit from getting their hair cut there. When you go there, you have no choice but to be motivated, inspired and impressed by the way the business is ran. The Business is under the CanRose Inc Umbrella and has been open for 11 years and counting. It’s a pure example of what God brings together may no man tear apart, (Keeping Jesus)..

"God is my Strength and Power: And He maketh my way Perfect".

About KJ's Stylez

Introducing KJ's Stylez, the first full service Hair Salon under the Canrose umbrella, KJ's Stylez was established October 1st, 2013 by Lionel Harris (Brownie) and Joseph Cannon, we feature 5 highly educated stylist from the Bay Area now located in the Central Valley who specialize in doing some of the most stylish and cutting edge styles today. KJ's Stylez is located at 1906 Grantline station in Tracy CA, open 5 days a week to serve you!

KJ's Stylez


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